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Support us

Mannaminne means a lot to many people and many want to support us. We gladly accept donations and you decide for yourself the size of the donation and if you have something special in mind. Mannaminne is a cultural gathering place and as for all cultural instances, we struggle to maintain the business and promote our purpose as a folk educator.

If you want to support us financially, there are several ways to do so. You can deposit a contribution to Mannaminne through Bankgiro, Swish or Bank Transfer:

Bankgiro  867-0044

Swish 123 313 19 19

IBAN: SE66 6000 0000 0008 0079 6917, BIC: HANDSESS, BANK: Handelsbanken

You also support us by joining us as a member of the foundation Mannaminnes Friends, which you can easily do here, Mannaminnes Friends..

If you have questions or ideas, you are welcome to contact us.

Thanks for your gift, it means a lot to us!

In memory of Izzy Young

People are asking if they can leave a donation to mark Izzy’s passing, a place or cause close to his heart.

Here is a suggestion from Izzy’s daughter Philomène and other close friends: MANNAMINNE is the work of Swedish artist Anders Åberg (1945-2018). Just like Izzy, Anders was a visionary whose frugal economy could not prevent him from leaving a lasting legacy. Mannaminne is an outdoor museum on the High-Coast of Sweden, where buildings, tramcars, art, music and cultures meet the natural beauty of Höga Kusten. Anders was inspired by Izzy and built a wooden bridge and other art works in Izzy’s honor.

When the Folklore Center closed in 2018, parts of Izzy’s massive folk music library were donated to Mannaminne and are housed there now. Markus Adler’s photographs from The Folklore Center will be exhibited there this summer.

If you feel lika donating here´s a link you can use,


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